Speed up your localisation process by more

than 4x times with a

Figma Plugin for automatic translations

powered by DeepL

Babel Translations is a lightweight, super easy-to-use plugin that helps you translate design elements across all your apps, websites and marketing materials. The deep learning technology uses the full power of AI DeepL translation services to make sure everything looks like it was made by native speakers.

One tool
To translate them all
Use one simple Figma plugin to translate all your screens to 26 languages.
See yourself what DeepL developers say.
DeepL is more accurate, reliable and faster than other tools
  • Multiple nodes translation
    Translate one or multiple selected *visible*
    nodes including their children.
  • Formality
    Use "formality" option to translate
    to a more formal or informal language.
  • Auto language detection
    Use "Auto" option to automatically detect the language of the text to translate from.
  • Store configuration
    Plugin automatically stores your latest configuration to speed up the process of translating many different screens
  • Completely Free
    The plugin is absolutely free as well as a starter plan of DeepL.
    Of course it would be great if you want to buy Vlad a coffee.
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How it works
Step by step instruction how to setup and use the plugin.
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